I created this website for two reasons. Firstly because my wife and I have a premium account and our two children don't. Logging premium caches for our kids was always very circuitous. This has become a lot easier with the help of this website. The second reason is that I wanted to learn something new. I have never made a website before. I wrote this website entirely in a simple text/code editor. No web design software has been used.


To find out the GeoCode of a premium cache, you can look in the list of found caches of your fellow cacher (with a premium account). This list can be found in the users profile page at geocaching.com.


Click here to send me an e-mail through the Message Center of geocaching.com. You must have a geocaching.com account for this.


The log page, as well as the other linked pages on this website, are all official geocaching.com web pages. I am not responsible for the information and / or content on these external pages.